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While the Crowdclass platform provides a great way for organizations to connect with their audience using NFTs, it's important to understand what happens if an organization goes out of business.

If an organization that has issued NFTs on Crowdclass goes out of business, the NFTs are unaffected. Once a user has claimed an NFT, it is stored on the Polygon blockchain and becomes their personal property. This means that the user will always have access to their NFTs, even if the organization that issued them is no longer in operation.

It's important to note that organizations issuing NFTs through Crowdclass are responsible for owning the intellectual property of the assets they publish as NFTs. As a result, it is crucial that users do their due diligence and ensures that the organization issuing the NFT is reputable and has the proper rights to the asset being issued. If an organization goes out of business, the user may still own the NFT, but there may be legal and practical limitations to using that NFT.

In summary, the fact that an organization goes out of business does not affect the NFTs issued through Crowdclass. Once a user claims an NFT, it becomes their personal property and is stored securely on the Polygon blockchain. However, users need to ensure that the organizations they engage with on Crowdclass are reputable and have the proper rights to the issued assets.

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