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When purchasing NFTs through Crowdclass, it's important to remember that each issuing organization has its terms and conditions for refunds. Crowdclass is a technological platform to issue the NFTs on the chain, but it is not responsible for the specific terms & conditions of each NFT and for handling refunds or exchanges.

If you accidentally purchase the wrong NFT or change your mind after buying it, you should contact the organization that issued the NFT directly to request a refund or exchange. Depending on the organization and the local or federal laws in your area, there may be a time limit for requesting a refund or exchange.

If you receive an NFT damaged or incomplete, you should contact the organization or seller to ask for a replacement or refund. If you purchased the NFT on the secondary market, there might be little that Crowdclass can do to address the issue.

If your refund request is denied by the organization that issued the NFT, you may have other options to pursue. For example, you could file a dispute with the payment processor or seek legal advice. However, these options may not be available at all, and their effectiveness may depend on various factors.

Finally, any NFT transferred, sold, or traded on the secondary market can be considered used and not eligible for a refund or exchange.

Please get in touch with our support team for any other issues or questions related to refunds for NFT purchases made through Crowdclass. While we can't offer refunds for the issuing organization, we are always here to help with any technical issues or concerns related to the Crowdclass platform.

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